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Silva Valley PTA Scrip Program

Help us fundraise every day, for free!  Every year our local grocers give tens of thousands of dollars to our schools. The program is simple: Do your normal grocery shopping, present your registered card, and a percentage of your purchases go directly to our school.


o   Last year Raley's contributed $4,964 to Silva Valley.  Pick up your "Quality of Life" card at at the office to start saving. Read more on Raley's site.

Nugget Store

o    Pick up a card in the office, fill out an application and return with your card to Nugget.  The Nugget checker will activate your card.

Safeway & Escrip  www.escrip.com

o   Last year Safeway contributed $1,110 to our school.  To get started: Pick up a card in the office, then go to   escrip.com, click on the red Safeway Club Card at the bottom of the page and fill out the form to register your card.


Another Way to Increase $$$ to our School

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

If you're not already a member, first join SchoolPop &
.  Click on icons located below. Click Join, choose your school, complete your profile and register your debit and credit cards.

Apply for the SchoolPop Visa online at www.visa.schoolpop.com or call 1-800-297-1286.

Shop online at hundreds of merchants through School Pop & EScrip. Help us earn a bonus!

escrip logo

Join NOW! www.escrip.com

Reference our Group ID#138007527

schoolpop logo

Group ID #0142919

SchoolPop is America's #1 year-round school support program. SchoolPop has contributed more than $200 million to over 60,000 schools and other nonprofits.


We no longer sell paper scrip.  To support our school we ask that you register your Raley's Q Card & Safeway cards. See above for more information.


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